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“I finally realized that giving glory to God for everything and redirecting the focus to Him is the only thing that brings pure, real, natural joy to my heart.”

—   Matty Mullins - vocalist for Memphis May Fire. (via godmoves)

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“Once you stop wanting something, you get it.”

—   Andy Warhol  (via theweaken)

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War, but not of this world

Hi peeps, taking time to start blogging again since I’m more free now. I should keep the habit instead of reblogging all night right hahahaha.
The thoughts that triggered tonight’s writing is the war we are having right now. It’s heart breaking to see family disagree with each other, that moment I knew it was a spiritual warfare. Because they came this close to knowing God. But I’m glad that God is in total control, and victory is eventually ours. Just gotta stay strong and fight the good fight. (Inserts* fist emoji) not easy, but will pull it through, I’m sure:) what made me feel better was that at least family salvation is progressing, tho it’s in a very bad state this moment. Still wanna continue to give thanks:) additionally that today I get to share my faith to friends I treasured too:) it’s good that we all started to be open and share, and I’m sure one day they would have a chance to experience it personally :) hehe.
For those followers who do not really understand, this is my life :) I don’t just share the norms, I share breakthroughs and burdens and sometimes spiritual stuff cuz I’m proud to be a Christian:) don’t worry, i would continue reblogging beautiful pictures too!:) thank you for reading this far !

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Japanese Poster: Style Now Outdoor Mix. Minna Design. 2013


Japanese Poster: Style Now Outdoor Mix. Minna Design. 2013