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how much love can you give to your dad when he loved you so much? i asked myself and… my heart didnt mind giving him and loving him in ways i can, but when i heard that word, my mind struggles to agree what he requested. its like wanting to find somewhere to hide and hoping that he never asked that question. perhaps im just afraid of another lie, becuz he never fulfilled those promises he made, though i had to understand his situations. it was like a false hope he had been giving me everytime, and i know it so well,yet holding on the that glimpse of hope that he will really do what he promised. 
so now…the amount is getting more ridiculous. how can i say no? i dont have a choice do i? i dont know how to feel. i would have to go ahead again, with that 0.1% hope i have that would be a hope no more.
  • 2 August 2012
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